The Future is Now:
Digital Transformation
in Manufacturing

Drive innovation and growth with smart manufacturing solutions
powered by IoT, ML/AI technologies
and lead the way in the new era of manufacturing
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Unlock the Power of ML/AI
with factoryNET

Designed to enable significant improvements in productivity and efficiency, the factoryNET is a powerful digital transformation suite that offers a comprehensive range of tools for data collection, visualization and control, data management, analytics and reporting, engineering, and maintenance.

Quick, reliable, and efficient service that empowers your production process and helps you stay ahead of the competition

Dynamic Integration: Creating Bespoke Solutions Through Modular Building Blocks

At our company, we pride ourselves on creating digital solutions that are tailored to our customers' specific needs.
To achieve this, we utilize a diverse range of modules that can be combined in various ways. We are committed to working closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and deliver digital solutions that exceed their expectations.


Monitoring the vibration of machines
Monitoring audio/noise patterns of machines
Collecting the electric energy consumption of each machine



Air pollution

people and


and Analytics

Automatic reading of measurements from analog and/or not connected instruments
Detection of product items on the production line
Monitoring compliance (protective clothing, presence in restricted areas)
Detection of defected product items

Monitoring the
consumption of
raw materials in
production process

Weighing scale
Flow measurement sensors
Inventory count

Success Stories:
How Our Solutions Transformed Manufacturing for Industry Leaders

We have successfully implemented our solutions in a variety of use cases. Discover how our digital solutions can transform your business. With successful implementation in various use cases, we're confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

Manufacturing Process Monitoring

Our solution is aimed at optimizing production process to achieve better efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall manufacturing process improvements.

Bottle Labeling

Bottle labeling serves a dual purpose by providing essential information to consumers while also serving as a powerful branding tool for manufacturers.

Automatic Reading of Measurements

Solution that helps you streamline your data collection process and increase the accuracy of your data.

Workplace Safety

Our solution can prevent accidents and create a safer work environment for employees.

Product Line Monitoring

Monitoring the production process in real-time and ensure that only high-quality products are produced.

Machine performance monitoring

Monitoring machine performance - vibration and audio/noise patterns, electric energy consumption, is essential for improvement and proactive measures.

Achieve Optimal Efficiency
and Productivity

Integrating emerging technologies into the manufacturing industry brings significant benefits, such as:
Increased quality control
Improved work environment
quality control
Reduced costs / increased incomes
downtime and waste
Optimized production processes
Improved overall efficiency
tracking product
Reduced downtime and waste
reduced costs
Tracking products across value chain

Revolutionize your production
line with factoryNET today!

Investing in digital transformation is critical to the success of manufacturing business. With factoryNET, you can harness the power of digitalization to streamline your processes, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.
Thanks to the implementation of factoryNET, we have taken a significant step forward into the comprehensive digitalization process. Real-time insights, optimized processes, and improved communication have played a vital role in boosting our efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Vojin VukadinovićMetalac Group
Thanks to our collaborative partnership, we have successfully addressed the challenges faced in the bottle labeling process. With a focus on efficient adhesive management, we have optimized production, reduced costs overall and provided continues and active process monitoring.
Dejan OdadžićHenkel Serbia

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