Bottle Labeling

In the beverage industry, bottle labeling serves a dual purpose by providing essential information to consumers while also serving as a powerful branding tool for manufacturers.  

Bottle Labeling Process Challenges

The beverage factories encounter two major challenges with their bottle labeling processes:
  • Inefficient use of adhesives in the bottle labeling process
  • Lack of real-time/continuous monitoring of key parameters required to save time in case of troubleshooting (over consumption, adhesive quality)

Efficient Adhesive Management

To overcome these challenges in one of the leading beverage factories in the region, we have implemented our solution which includes two modules:

Adhesive consumption monitoring module based on connected weight scales that track adhesive and label material usage, allowing for optimization of the production process and cost reduction.

Working environment monitoring provides maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels during labeling is crucial to prevent adhesive failure and ensure label adhesion.

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