Manufacturing Process Monitoring

We have developed a comprehensive Manufacturing Process Monitoring solution specifically designed for a regional leading enamel kitchenware company. Our solution is aimed at optimizing production process to achieve better efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall manufacturing process improvements.

Enamel Kitchenware: Facing Challenges

The enamel kitchenware company was facing a number of challenges:
  • Lack of monitoring of machine utilization and performance
  • Inability to gain real-time insights into trolley utilization and movement
  • Difficulty in calculating KPIs (such as production volume and worker efficiency) in real-time
  • Lack of effective communication and collaboration between factory floor workers and management (papers, emails, work orders)

Dynamic Modular Solution for Kitchenware Production

In order to tackle the obstacles faced by one of the top kitchenware manufacturing plants in the area, we have introduced our solution, which comprises of five modules:

Machine monitoring allows us to monitor vibration, audio/noise patterns, and electric energy consumption as well as predictive maintenance to identify potential problems and prevent machine downtime.

Visual recognition and analytics driven by camera and computer vision technology helps us track products, monitor compliance, and detect defects in real-time.

We use sensors or computer vision technology to accurately count the number of items produced, allowing for better inventory management and production planning.

Our solution enables interaction between machines, people, and processes which allows optimization of production processes and improves communication between different departments and teams.

Working environment monitoring includes the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and noise levels to ensure optimal conditions for manufacturing processes.

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