Workplace Safety

We have developed a comprehensive Manufacturing Process Monitoring solution specifically designed for a leading enamel kitchenware company. Our solution is aimed at optimizing production process to achieve better efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall manufacturing process improvements.

Ways to Improve Workers' Safety

Several points that can complicate this task, include:
  • Enforcing the use of protective clothing on the factory floor
  • Automatic notifications in case of presence in restricted areas
  • Working conditions/environmental parameters affecting health and performance of workers on the factory floor not known

Fortifying Workplace Safety

To overcome these problems, we have implemented our solution which includes two modules:

Visual recognition and analytics enhance workplace safety by detecting and identifying individuals and objects in restricted areas or requiring protective gear. This ensures compliance with safety protocols. Object detection technology monitors workplaces for potential hazards, preventing accidents.

Working environment monitoring – Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, air pollution and noise levels ensures a safer and healthier workplace environment. Ensuring favorable working conditions without fluctuations has a positive effect on productivity and increases job satisfaction among workers.

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